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11 Free Shopify Apps to be Installed in 2023

Shopify makes it so easy to install apps. It’s one of its superpowers. These apps can increase conversion rates, increase average order value, helps optimization, and makes you tons of money. 

The apps and e-commerce trends are changing all the time so we will go over a couple of substantially good apps and alternatives, so you can make exquisite choices for your business in 2023.

1. Omnisend

Omnisend is a marketing tool built for e-commerce merchants to take their business to the next level. It has significant tools for success to convert your first-time visitors into loyal customers. 

It’s certainly a hassle to build out your e-commerce marketing strategy from scratch, so this app makes it simple to kick it off with everything you need, pre-built for you. Omnisend has all the features you need to help you easily collect and retain more e-commerce customers through email campaigns, Popups, marketing automation, SMS marketing, Segmentation, and reports.

2. Upsell Recommendations

Upselling products is an absolute way to aggrandize your Shopify store’s margin profits, but they only work if they are precisely recommended to the appropriate customers. This is why it is important to have a great upsell app that makes the process of matching products to customers a lot easier. 

The Upsell Recommendations app helps Shopify store holders with Amazon-like Upsell, Cross-sell, and personalized recommendations. The best thing about the app is you don’t need any coding or template modification and it’s 100% free.  

3. Jebbit: Easily Create Quizzes

This app builds a better customer experience in hours, not months. Jebbit offers a wide set of creative tools that makes your experiences a seamless extension of your brand. The app offers every customer personalized product recommendations based on their responses.  So, you can make better sales faster. 

It also provides you with tools to build personality quizzes. With no-code design Jebbit’s visual builder lets you quickly map out and build these experiences increasing conversions and sales.

4. Globo Product Options, Variant

The app is designed in a way to facilitate seamless workflows and is installed directly in Shopify admin. It gives you diversified product options like Building an unlimited number of custom product options that include text, dropdown, calendar, file upload, swatches, checkbox, and more.

Since Shopify just allows you a maximum of 3 options and almost 100 variants, the app helps you design personalized products breaking the limits which also allows shoppers to design their own custom products based on flexible choices. Thus, customers enjoy the shopping experience when allowed to select items for their desired product.

5. ShipScout- A/B Test Shipping

Pondering over shipping costs can often get unrelenting. It’s all quite nagging and stressful to keep changing your shipping prices and determining the orders and revenues accordingly. ShipScout lets you run A/B Tests for various shipping rates on your store and configures some shipping variants. It will arbitrarily place your shop’s visitors into your variants hence giving you a true A/B test.

The app takes all the assumptions and guesswork out of shipping. It helps you optimize your shipping costs and stops you from missing out on revenues by testing flat rates and thresholds.

6. TikTok

TikTok has been confined into e-commerce for some time now. If you are building a social media strategy in 2022, it’d be hard not to consider using TikTok. It’s a short-video-based social media platform where brands, creators, and influencers can express their individuality and spur brand cognizance in just 15 seconds video clip.

General TikTok marketing strategies include the concoction of trend-driven organic content, using popular hashtags, and making TikTok influencers part of promotional campaigns. TikTok always pumps out new features—animated GIF stickers, titles, and new filters, all good reasons to focus on using these new tools to keep your feed looking fresh for your audience.

7. PageFly Landing Page Builder

Page fly brings your idea to life with its simple drag-and-drop system. You can create your landing page with gaudy pre-made elements. Most of your favorite conversion-oriented tools are integrated with PageFly which is also fully compatible with all themes on Shopify. 

You can connect your favorite tools with PageFly to boost conversion and create a coherent digital experience across devices at a fast speed.  Simply put, PageFly helps you create exceptional Shopify landing pages to make your online sales explode.

8. Smart SEO

Using the Smart SEO Shopify app, you can now optimize your Shopify store’s SEO and meet Google’s requirements. Smart SEO will spontaneously generate meta tags and alt tags for all the products listed on your store. 

With the Smart SEO app, you get a handy tool that allows you to create templates for metadata generation. This template will act as a set of rules that Smart SEO will use to generate new tags when adding new products to your store. The app supports the Shopify Store Languages feature. 

9. Loloyal loyalty & Referrals

Your business’s loyalty program is one of the best ways to change your customers into loyal members and build up your brand image. This app is designed in a way that can incentivize valuable customers and repeat sales.

The app has fully customizable rewards, referrals, and a loyalty program. It pleases customers with beautifully crafted widgets and makes them smile. The app also increases traffic with limited-time offers, points, referrals, and giving away marvelous themes and increases your profit by 20 to 25 percent.

10.  Pinterest

Wherever you are your audience is on Pinterest. Over 400 million people use Pinterest every month to find ideas and inspire their next purchase. You can link your Shopify account and Pinterest account for promoting products on Pinterest you are already selling on Shopify or just add the Pinterest tag to Shopify.

Pinterest quickly publishes Product Pins, automatically updates the catalog every day, and tracks performance with the Pinterest Tag. The app increases organic reach, and people on Pinterest can easily search, save and purchase products from your web store for free, without any advertising amount spent from you.

11.  Lucky Orange Heatmaps and Replay

Lucky Orange Heatmaps and Replay is a perfect tool to spy on your customers. Your website is your digital real estate and Lucky Orange is like your security camera. The best thing about this app is that you can record your visitors’ user sessions, basically getting a screen recording of all their behaviors, seeing exactly what pages they visited, and what buttons they clicked on. 

It creates heat maps that tell you where exactly they click on their mobile device. Hence, it will enable you to find the trends and optimize your website and make people stay a little bit longer above the threshold, which will lead them to take action i.e., buy from your store.

With all these apps along with other Shopify apps, you can unlock new functionalities that will optimize your site for a better customer experience and hike up sales. In short, these apps make you stand out, increase sales and scale fast your business. Now you can customize your store with your choice of apps on Shopify App store.

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