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Beyond Oil: Leap 2024 Transforming Saudi Arabia’s Future

By March 1, 2024Blog5 min read
leap 2024

LEAP 2024 is like a big gathering of super smart people who love technology. It’s a special event that Saudi Arabia’s landscape is witnessing, which is a revolutionary transformation that is being marked as the groundbreaking event. 

Leap 2024 is going to be held in the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center, Malham, Saudi Arabia, from March 4 to 7, 2024. This transformative journey is not merely an event but a pivotal initiative aimed at reshaping the destiny of Saudi Arabia.

In this blog post, we will discuss What is Leap 2024? And how is it the biggest tech exhibition of 2024 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) with a vision fueled by innovation and collaboration? We will also enlighten you on how leap 2024 is an important part of the 2030 plan for greater Saudi Arabia.

The main aim of this event is to make the economy of Saudi Arabia better and help society grow. So let’s discuss in detail 

Beyond Oil_ Leap 2024 Transforming Saudi Arabia's Future

Vision 2030 in Action: LEAP 2024 ignites Innovation and Progress in Saudi Arabia

Vision 2030 in Action_ LEAP 2024 ignites Innovation and Progress in Saudi Arabia

Leap event 2024 is part of 2030 plan of Saudi Arabia, i.e., to increase the money made from things other than oil from 40% to 65% to give a huge boost of $750 billion to its economy because the Saudi government doesn’t want to rely just on Oil.

The primary goal? 

LEAP 2024 aims to make Saudi Arabia a stronger nation and a more successful country. Muhammad Bin Suleman (MBS), the crown prince and the prime minister of Saudi Arabia, wants to do this by focusing on new ideas and creating new opportunities. He plans to increase 1 million jobs across different industries, attract 500,000 talented people and business leaders to Saudi Arabia from around the world, and become a leader in innovation and technology.

To create a brighter future for Saudi Arabia, they aim for 65% of their income to come from other areas than oil by 2030.

LEAP 2024 – A Hub for Innovation and Collaboration

LEAP 2024 - A Hub for Innovation and Collaboration

LEAP 2024 isn’t just about big ideas, it’s about focusing on the areas that will make the biggest difference for Saudi Arabia’s future.

Here’s what they’re really excited about:


Saudi Arabia wants to be advanced in robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and everything that makes the future exciting! This is going to be a massive area for growth and opportunity for new businesses.


They know that a strong future needs smart people. They’re focusing heavily on STEM education that’s science, technology, engineering, and math because these are the skills countries need to lead in the modern world. 


Keeping people healthy and happy is important, and they’re investing in new ways to deliver care and groundbreaking insurance options. It’s great to see them thinking about the health of their people!


Saudi Arabia is a fascinating country with so much to offer visitors, and they want to make tourism a bigger part of their future. This could mean a huge number of new jobs and opportunities!


It’s not all hard work – Saudi Arabia knows entertainment is important too! They’re looking to create a vibrant entertainment industry, which is fantastic for young people.

Financial Services

A modern country needs a modern financial system that works for people and businesses. Their focus on fintech solutions is going to be exciting to watch.


Getting things delivered and moving products around is essential, and Saudi Arabia wants to be the best in the region, so they are moving towards smart logistics.

Connecting Minds, Building Dreams 

LEAP 2024 isn’t just about ideas – it’s about companies making those ideas a reality! It brings together a diverse mix of attendees and exhibitors. Over 1800 companies are showcased from around the globe. Leading tech giants like IBM and HPE will likely be present over there.

LEAP 2024 Showcases Diverse Solutions

LEAP 2024 Showcases Diverse Solutions

Key players like Bizaar, Captain, and Foox are pioneering advancements in e-commerce, transportation, and restaurant management, respectively. They are positioning themselves at the forefront of this transformative journey. With a focus on job creation, companies like STDC Solutions are going to be the heroes for tech lovers. They are experts in robots, AI, and the cool technologies that make the future exciting.

Zahen, a world’s leading company in smart education, is making it easier to learn online, especially in science and technology fields.

Health is super important for everyone, and Njim is doing their part with new insurance options and ways to get healthcare to people. They are offering innovative insurance solutions and enhancing e-commerce experiences as well

Companies like Jad Investment are contributing significantly to the financial services revolution because they know modern businesses need modern financial tools, so they are working on financial tech solutions.

If you love to shop online or want to experience Saudi Arabia as a tourist, you’ll be excited about Noon. They are reshaping your future and making both shopping and visiting much easier now.

Collaborative Solutions at LEAP 2024

Leap 2024 aspires to position Saudi Arabia as a global innovation hub that strives to climb to the top 20 in the global innovation index.

The event, LEAP 2024, has big goals, but achieving them is not easy. Challenges undoubtedly exist, but collaborative efforts and innovative solutions from the participants are paving the way forward. 

One challenge is making sure the rules are clear and efficient for all businesses. The second most important challenge is to promote cultural awareness because it is necessary to appreciate different backgrounds to attract international talent. 

After all, a recent study found that 75% of employers in Saudi Arabia struggle to find qualified candidates

Final Words

Despite the challenges, LEAP 2024 is a bold and ambitious initiative that has the potential to create a brighter future for Saudi Arabia. It beckons individuals and companies alike to embrace innovation and progress, urging them to become active contributors to Saudi Arabia’s brighter future. By visiting Leap 2024, you can join this transformative movement towards a prosperous tomorrow.

Are you ready to be a part of it?