No one can deny the fact that how phenomenal role women can play for a country’s economic growth, development and productivity If given equal rights and opportunities in education, Job Markets and businesses. Therefore, closing the gender gaps, Facebook #SheMeansBusiness program in Pakistan got partnered with the Lahore Women’s Chamber Of Commerce with the intent to empower the entrepreneurial women by making them acquire the tools, the technology and the platforms that can elevate their businesses like never before. Being the partner with Facebook for #SheMeansBusiness, SwishTag is all the way more looking forward to training the women with passion and vision.


At the Launch ceremony, Beth Ann Lim, Head of Community Affairs at Facebook, Asia Pacific highlighted the importance of the initiative like this, “The flexibility offered by digital technologies is enabling a new generation of women entrepreneurs around the world to make positive contributions to their families and communities. However, women still face a number of obstacles such as a lack of funding and networks that can help them grow and scale. With this partnership, we want to nurture current and future generations of Pakistani women business leaders by providing access to a series of workshops and online learning tools”. Dr. Faazia Amjad, President, WCCI, explained the women power and said, “With When women are successful in business, it drives social growth too: more women are employed, more diverse role models are created and there is stronger diversity. Successful female entrepreneurs invest in their communities and in educating children. Through our partnership with the knowledge, connections, skills, and technology required to build and grow their businesses online”.


Swishtag has done many successful pieces of training with #SheMeansBusiness, always enthusiastic to create an impact and excelling the businesses of women through Facebook & Instagram. The Co-founder and CEO of Swishtag, Ayesha Zaman Hammaad, defines the marvelous role of technology for businesses, “Technology builds bridges over the borders”. These social media platforms can do wonders for enriching the ecosystem of businesswomen making them equally contribute to the sustainable development goals.


Women are half of Pakistan’s population; a fact worth considering. Among them, there are so many sparking passions that go void due to the lack of opportunities and enough resources. Thus, we are ready to fasten our seat belts for a journey of lifting up the spirits, reigniting the sparks and redefining the dreams of female adventurers. SwishTag is all set to conduct upskilling pieces of training, anticipating numerous inspiring victresses and remarkable economic growth out of this applaudable collaboration of #SheMeansBusiness and WCCI. Let’s look forward to something bigger and better.


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