SwishTag – Digital Partner for P@SHA ICT Awards

SwishTag – Digital Partner for P@SHA ICT Awards

    Partnerships are all about loyalty for each other’s brand goals and objectives. These values frame how we connect with our clients and partners. Good partners in business accelerate each other’s growth towards better & best. In the same way, here comes our fantastic partnership with P@SHA, Pakistan Software House Association for IT & ITES.

      P@SHA is Pakistan’s only software houses association serving the IT and service-based companies of Pakistan. It comprises an amazing strategy for giving innovators the exposure and recognition that they deserve. P@SHA is Pakistan’s only software house association with global recognition. Also, It is registered with institutions that are masterpieces of the field. It intends to give sustainable business growth to our beloved country. Therefore, P@SHA provides worthy innovators with the required identity and national and international exposure. This exposure helps speed up their journey and makes them ready for creating the maximum impact. P@SHA ICT Awards incorporates all the categories from business to the students, Industrial to the consumers and from technology to the Services. This diversity is for bringing out the favorable ideas, startups and Innovations out of them all. 

     P@SHA & SwishTag joined hands for getting one step forward in their journeys with P@SHA ICT Awards 2019. We are looking forward to the amalgamation of our marketing capabilities and the magnificent objective of P@SHA giving birth to the fulfillment of our true purpose. In Particular, conveying the right message to the right people at the right time by the efforts of our expert team is all that is the strategy for success. Likewise, being a social media marketing specialist, SwishTag understands the exact requirements of its partner as well as the modifying trends in digital technology. This makes us serve our partners with the best by considering all the touchpoints.

    We are always proud to be in partnership with such organizations. Such Partnerships help us in achieving our goals of creating impact and making people’s lives better through our services. P@SHA, being the opportunity door for the innovators, is striving for the development of IT and other sectors of the country. As a result, It’s providing Identity to the creativity that is beneficial. More power to this partnership!