Facebook launched its blood donation feature in Pakistan in early 2018. To date, there are more than 8 million users blood donors registered on Facebook from Brazil, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. Facebook Blood Donation Feature is aimed at making the safe blood available for those in need.

SwishTag collaborated with Facebook as on-ground partners to help create awareness among the concerned organizations, hospitals, blood banks and blood donor societies across Pakistan. Under this partnership and working with the Safe Blood Transfusion Program, Pakistan (the federal Govt. body ) SwishTag has trained dozens of hospitals, blood banks and related organizations across Pakistan to use this feature to reach blood donors.

There are two major users Facebook blood donation feature, the donors and the organizations. Let’s take a quick look on how this feature facilitates these two groups connect and make sure the timely availability of safe blood.

Blood Donation Feature for Facebook Users

If you’re a Facebook user and wants to register yourself as a blood donor, please become a blood donor. By doing this, you share your blood group details with Facebook. Now, when any organization or a person in your near-about, posts for a blood donation request, you’ll get notified if that matches with your blood group.

Blood Donation Feature for Blood Banks, Hospitals and Related Organizations

If you’re a hospital, blood bank or related organization who helps in arranging required blood group or elements for the patients, you’ll have to get your Facebook page white-listed by filling out the form available at SwishTag.¬†This will help us share your data with the concerned body, SBTP in Pakistan, to verify. Once your organization is verified, we can share your page with the product team of Facebook Blood Donation team and get it white-listed for you.

After getting white-listed, you will be able to post blood donation requests from your page or create blood donation camp events. Because of getting white-listed, Facebook will automatically notify the registered blood donors nearby your area. They can contact you via the phone number provided in the blood donation request posted on your page.

Keeping our experience of live demos at workshops, one can arrange the blood group within a few seconds. It’s how effective this feature is. To learn more on how you can create blood donation events, watch the video.



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