The Best Thing a Web Developer Can Have

The Best Thing a Web Developer Can Have

                       Are you a web developer? staying tuned till the end will worth it. Just the way Facebook is pulling out all the ways to help people communicate better with the world, accelerating businesses with countless opportunities including paid advertising, connection with customers at the personal level, Facebook pages to socialize etc. The same way, Facebook is again on its way to earning success based on service to others. This time Facebook is targeting Developers with one of the biggest events of Pakistan “Developer Circle From Facebook” In collaboration with SwishTag as a Marketing partner.



Marketing Partner of the Event:

                                                                    SwishTag is a Facebook and Instagram marketing and consulting agency. It is the first company of Pakistan that in direct collaboration with Facebook on three huge projects i.e Blood donation feature of Facebook, Facebook mastery program and #SheMeansBusiness. SwishTag was established with the purpose of helping businesses generate revenues and this revenue in return would produce job opportunities making our nation a strong and developed one. Therefore, Facebook and SwishTag again glued together for the developer community of Pakistan.


Learning opportunities to become better:

                                                                                         If you will code good, you will create something better. We are here to contribute to your journey of becoming a hotshot web developer. Developer circle from Facebook is a golden chance for developers all across Pakistan. This community of talented developers will inspire you to explore field all the way more, will help ideas roaming your mind get aligned, discover your position and needs. Head-on learning from the masters of the field, successful entrepreneurs and people who have prolonged and intense experience in web development. 


                     The event is going to include workshops that will make it value for money, Keynotes, tech talks from Information technology masters and field specialists. Furthermore, many speakers including the co-founder and CEO of SwishTag (who is a Facebook Blueprint certified and a successful entrepreneur selected among ten inspiring women around the Globe by  Payoneer) will open up your mind with their calibre and treasures of information that is hard to find otherwise. We will scout that how the transformations in the digital world are making poor lives better and better lives luxurious.



Mark Your Calendars now:

                                                          Thereupon, Facebook and SwishTag shook hands to bless developers more with less. Through this collaboration, we intend to make developers get benefit from combined resources to achieve their respective goals. For diving into such a demanding endeavour, it’s important to take the necessary steps that will ensure successful participation. This is an invite event. Provided that, make sure to have followed steps to be a part of this biggest event as soon as possible. A community of your interest is mostly unobtainable. That being the case, let us get together at LUMS on the 6th of April. Pull your socks and stay excited about this amazing event ahead.


Register here ➡ https://devcpakistanconference2019.splashthat.com/

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