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Reach maximum people on Facebook and Instagram that can take interest in your brand.

Lead Generation

Identify and cultivate potential customers for your business via Facebook and Instagram.


Get desired profitable actions from potential customers using Facebook and Instagram.

Our Skills & Expertise

SwishTag is a Facebook and Instagram marketing company. Through years of experience in this specialized domain, we have learnt and practiced the strategies that help our clients maximizing the impact of their campaigns and get better ROI. 

We’re proud to be the first Facebook Marketing company in Pakistan to have strong and massive partnerships with Facebook on multiple projects like #SheMeansBusiness, Facebook Blood Donation Feature and Facebook Mastery program for SMBs.

With a client base in more than 8 countries, we are thoroughly enjoying what Facebook marketing can do for businesses!

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What is in it for you?

  • Transparent and timely strategic communication
  • Result oriented Facebook and Instagram Marketing solutions
  • Impact based training and consulting for SMBs
  • Creative and engaging social content writing for FB and Instagram
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