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Progressify: Double AOV with Multiple Progress Bar

By May 24, 2024Projects5 min read
Progressify: Multiple Progress Bar

Running a Shopify store is exciting, but let’s face it, every sale counts. Getting customers to spend just a little more can significantly boost your profits.  

By encouraging customers to add another item, you can increase your Average Order Value (AOV) by up to 30%!  Progressify helps you do exactly that

But how do you convince customers to add more to their cart?

ProgressifyFree Shipping Bar is a Shopify upsell app, built by Swishtag, that helps you encourage customers to spend more in order to qualify for free shipping, discounts or bonus gift cards.

Let’s find out how Progressify can help you double your online store’s revenue and watch your profits soar!

Free Shipping Bar

The app uses the idea of giving incentives to the customers. Upselling and cross-selling are 68% more cost effective sales techniques that can significantly increase your cart value. But what exactly are upselling and cross-selling?

What is product upselling?

Upselling is the art of convincing a customer to purchase a more expensive version of the product they’re already interested in. Think about it like this: a customer might be looking at a basic t-shirt, but with upselling, you can show them the benefits of a premium t-shirt with better quality fabric and a longer lifespan.

What is cross selling of products?

Cross-selling involves recommending complementary products that go along with the customer’s initial choice. For example, if a customer is buying a t-shirt, you might suggest a pair of jeans or a hat to complete their outfit.

Progressify’s multiple progress bars allow you to combine the power of both upselling and cross-selling. You can create different progress bars for product pages to reach different spending goals, like one for free shipping and another for unlocking a discount on a complementary product or getting gift cards with a certain amount of purchase . 

Let’s Dive deeper, how progressify apps work.

How Progressify Works and Boosts Your Sales in 2024

Progressify is all about making it easy for you to encourage customers to spend a little more. It does this by displaying a progress bar in your customer’s cart that shows them how close they are to reaching your free shipping threshold. Here’s how it works:

Just install the app on your Shopify store and customize the progress bars to match your branding or store’s theme. 

Progressify’s progress bars are visually appealing and easy for customers to understand. You can change the colors, text, and even add images to make them even more eye-catching

Multiple Progress Bars

You can create different progress bars on the same product page for different goals. You could have one bar showing progress towards free shipping, another for unlocking a discount on a complementary product, or even one offering a bonus gift card for reaching a higher spending amount.

Multiple progress bar

Main features of the App

  • Displays a progress bar that visualizes how close customers are to qualifying for free shipping.
  • You can create custom offers besides free shipping, like a free gift for reaching a certain spending amount.
  • You can recommend additional products to customers based on their cart contents.
  • You can set different free shipping thresholds and offers for different markets.
  • You can display up to three stacked progress bars for different offers.
  • Adding a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency
Main features of the free shipping bar App

Progressify – Alternative to Best Shopify Upselling Apps of 2024

  1. Shopify Bundles
  2. Releasit COD Form & Upsells
  3. BOLD Upsell: Upsell Everywhere
  4. Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy
  5. UpCart—Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

Here’s a comparison table highlighting Progressify’s strengths against some of the top Shopify upselling apps in 2024.

FeatureProgressifyShopify BundlesReleasit COD Form & UpsellsBOLD Upsell: Upsell EverywhereUpsell & Cross Sell — SelleasyUpCart—Cart Drawer Cart Upsell
Ease of SetupVery EasyEasyModerateModerateEasyModerate
Multiple Progress BarsYesNoLimitedYesLimitedNo
Real-time Progress UpdatesYesYesNoYesYesNo
Highly Customizable Look & FeelYesLimitedModerateYesModerateLimited
Free Shipping Progress BarYesNoNoYesNoNo
Discount Offer Progress BarYesLimitedYesYesYesNo
Bonus Gift Offer Progress BarYesNoNoNoNoNo
Upsell by Category/ProductYesYesYesYesYesYes

Why Upsell is important for your Shopify store

When you provide customers with higher-value products that better suit their needs, it fosters satisfaction and loyalty in your customer for your brand.  Happy customers are more likely to return and make repeat purchases, hence boosting your CLTV. 

Upselling reduces shopping cart abandonment rates because sometimes customers feel the total cost isn’t quite worth it. Upselling presents attractive options to them and bridges that gap and completes the purchase journey. 

Upselling can help you move slower-selling, higher-margin items by offering them as upgrades to popular products.

As upselling feels more like a helpful suggestion than a pushy sales tactic, it builds stronger customer relationships with your brand. 

Who developed the Progressify – Free Shipping Bar App?

Progressify was created by Swishtag, a leading Shopify development agency. Swishtag specializes in helping businesses build, grow, and scale their online stores through various services, including custom app development like Progressify.

Do you have an upselling or cross-selling idea that hasn’t been explored yet?

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Final Words

In conclusion, boosting your online store’s revenue doesn’t have to be complicated. With Progressify – Free Shipping Bar, developed by Swishtag, you can easily encourage customers to spend a bit more, increasing your Average Order Value (AOV) and ultimately growing your profits. This app combines the power of upselling and cross-selling, offering customizable options to fit your store’s needs. Plus, it’s easy to set up and customize to match your branding. 

So why wait? Start maximizing your store’s potential and boosting your revenue today with Progressify.