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MOVO PACK: Sustainable Packaging Solutions Build By Swishtag

By May 24, 2024Projects6 min read
Shopify app for sustainable packaging solution

According to the World Economic Forum, only 14% of plastic packaging globally gets recycled. Reusable packaging is becoming increasingly necessary to create eco-friendly environments.

Single-use packaging, especially plastics, generates a massive amount of pollution and waste.

Unfortunately, The e-commerce industry relies heavily on single-use packaging to ship products. This creates a massive amount of cardboard boxes, plastic mailers, and other packaging materials that end up in landfills. Even the whole world is thinking about how to reduce cardboard waste in shipping.

What is the best alternative to plastic packaging?

Mocopack came up with the idea of Cellulose Packaging as an e-commerce packaging alternative that offers reusable packaging solutions for e-commerce businesses that are sustainable, plastic-free, reduce carbon footprints, and can be used 20 times more than ordinary packaging.

MOVOPACK - best alternative to plastic packaging

MOVOPACK offers compostable packaging solutions to Shopify, WordPress/WooCommerce and PrestaShop Merchants right now but can be upgraded to all ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Magneto, Open Cart, Wix etc.

In this blogpost we will see how MOVO is giving plastic-free packaging alternatives for e-commerce brands with the help of Swishtag, An Ecommerce development company, making online shopping more eco-friendly

Let’s explore how to use reusable packaging for online orders?

Reduce Waste, Increase Sales

What is MOVO Circular Packaging APP?

MovoPack is on a mission to reduce plastic waste and make online shopping more eco-friendly. They offer a clever solution that benefits both businesses and consumers: reusable shopping bags and promote sustainability!

Here’s how Movopack App works

Unlike traditional packaging that gets thrown away after one use, Movopack offers reusable bags. This significantly reduces plastic waste generated by e-commerce and helps protect the environment.

Plus, MOVO PACK offer white labeling, where businesses can customize Movopack bags with their branding, making them a cool and unique way to promote their brand.

Movo Pack incentivizes responsible behavior. When you’re done using a Movo Pack bag, simply return it by mail (details provided) and receive a cashback reward—the full amount you paid for the bag! The reusable packaging return process is very easy!

how Movopack Shopify App works

Movo bags come in different sizes like small, medium, large, and extra large to fit various products and can be used over and over again (20 times Reused) so cleaning and sanitizing the bag are done by MOVO itself for future use.

E-commerce Platforms Integrated with Recyclable Packaging Solutions

Movo Pack offers a seamless way to integrate eco-friendly packaging into your online store.

Currently, It can be integrated with e-commerce Platforms. These are:

  1. Shopify
  2. Wordpress
  3. PrestaShop

Any store owner having ecommerce shops on Shopify can connect with MOVO PACKs by installing MOVOPACK Shopify App

Integrate Multiple Ecommerce platforms  with Recyclable Packaging Solutions

If you have an online store on WooCommerce or PrestaShop can easily use reusable packaging for its product and increase loyalty to nature by installing MOVO plugin. 

Challenges of Multi-Platform Management

Even though Movo Pack offers dedicated apps and plugins for Shopify, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop, there might still be some challenges associated with managing these three different platforms.  

Here are some potential issues Movo faced:

  1. Maintaining Multiple Codebases:Having separate apps/plugins for each platform means maintaining different codebases. This was very time-consuming and resource-intensive, especially when it comes to implementing updates or bug fixes.
  2. Testing and Quality Assurance: Testing updates and ensuring quality across three different apps/plugins can be more complex compared to a single solution. This could lead to potential compatibility issues or bugs slipping through the cracks.
  3. Documentation and Support: Maintaining separate documentation and providing support for three different apps can be cumbersome. Movo needs to ensure clear and easily accessible resources for each platform to assist users effectively.

However, Movo has taken a step towards addressing these challenges & Collaborated with Swishtag!

Centralized Cloud Based System to Manage Different Ecommerce Platforms

Movo Pack’s multi-platform integration is powered by a clever cloud solution developed by Swishtag, the e-commerce development company behind all the Movo Pack apps and plugins.

Centralized Cloud Based System to Manage Different Ecommerce Platforms

While separate apps exist for different platforms, Swishtag has implemented a centralized cloud-based system to streamline management and functionality.

This centralized system acts as the central hub, handling core functionalities such as:

  1. Unified Dashboard to manage all their e-commerce integrations from a single, convenient location
  2. View user accounts and activity across all platforms.
  3. Monitor cash back rewards and processing.
  4. Track order fulfillment for Movo Packs, regardless of the e-commerce platform used
  5. Deploy updates and bug fixes to all connected platforms simultaneously

Benefits of Cloud-Based System

  • Core functionalities residing in the cloud eliminate the need for repetitive code across individual apps/plugins
  • Updates and bug fixes can be deployed to the centralized system, automatically rolling out to all connected platforms, saving Movo Pack time and resources.
  • A central system ensures a consistent user experience and functionality across all supported platforms for Movo Pack’s customers.

3 Best Packaging Options for E-Commerce Businesses

  1. MOVO PACK – Circular packaging made for e-commerce
  2. PickPack packaging
  3. DeliverZero – Reusable Packaging

Comparison of Top 3 circular packaging Solutions

Let’s compare What is the most eco-friendly packaging app?. Here is a detailed comparison of eco-conscious brands with sustainable packaging.

FeatureMOVO PACKPickPack packagingDeliverZero
Packaging TypeReusable bagsReusable boxesReusable containers
Cashback IncentiveYes, for returned bagsNoNo
CustomizationOptional brandingLimited customizationLimited customization
Platform IntegrationShopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShopShopifyShopify
FocusConvenience, cashbackEco-friendliness, reusabilityReusability, sustainability

How to use MOVO PACK- The Best Shopify App for Ecommerce Packaging Solutions

Here is the complete video how using this Shopify app, you can provide sustainable packaging solution to your customer.

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MOVO-PACK was developed by Swishtag, a leading e-commerce development agency. Swishtag specializes in assisting businesses in building, growing, and scaling their online stores, offering services such as custom app development tailored to eco-friendly solutions like MOVO PACK.

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