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PulseChat AI SalesBot for Shopify |GPT4| Build By Swishtag

By May 24, 2024Projects7 min read
PulseChat AI SalesBot for Shopify

40% of consumers say they would switch to a competitor after a single bad customer service experience.AI chatbots are becoming a crucial tool for e-commerce businesses looking to improve customer experience, drive sales, and optimize their operations. Swishtag developed PulseChat, an AI chatbot for e-commerce stores, to increase sales and conversions with 24/7 runtime customer support.

PulseChat – Best AI Sales Chatbot for E-Commerce Stores

Pulse Chat, is a live chatbot app for Shopify stores to generate more sales with AI. Based on ChatGPT- 4, It helps customers throughout their purchase journey, answer their queries in runtime and increase the average order value (AOV) of the merchant. 

Double your AOV on Autopilot with PulseChat

It takes descriptive queries from the customers and recommends products based on their interest. 

PulseChat replaces human customer support service and acts as a 24/7 virtual assistant for ecommerce stores that understand over 100 languages. With one click integration, It offers instant responses to all customer queries and assists with order tracking as well.

Best AI Sales Chatbot for E-Commerce Stores

Key Features of PulseChat – The Best Shopify chatbot

  1. GPT-4-Powered AI virtual Assistant
  2. Replaces Human Customer Service
  3. Provide Product Recommendations
  4. Assist Customer with Order Tracking
  5. Operate 24/7 in over 100 Languages
  6. Train & Get Personalized Responses to your customers
  7. Edit chatbot Response Tone
  8. One click integration to Shopify store
  9. Handle all Customer Queries in Runtime
  10. Track all conversations with Your Customers in Dashboard
Key Features of PulseChat - The Best Shopify chatbot

How PulseChat AI Sales Bot Works

The main idea behind this AI Chatbot development was to increase sales of shopify stores with the latest AI technologies. Swishtag succeeded in introducing the pinnacle of sales bot technology to all Shopify merchants. Let’s delve deeper, into how it works

This chatbot will reduce the research time of the customer and recommend products through Artificial intelligence based on the customers query. Moreover, It acts as a live support agent and helps you track Your Orders in a new way. 

How PulseChat AI Sales Bot Works

PulseChat has changed the traditional order tracking process. Now, You don’t need to go to a specific order tracking page, put your phone number, email and order number. 

Just login to your account and ask the chatbot where my product is now? It will give you a response back with all the information

Using the PulseChat app is very easy. Here are the steps you can follow to install and customize your personalized AI assistant. 

You just simply Install the app from Shopify app store. Upon installation, the app dashboard will be opened. Navigate to the App Dashboard and make basic customization according to your brand.

Follow the simple steps on how to create your chatbot customized for your Shopify store

How to Install PulseChat Shopify SalesBot to your Store

Here is the complete guide how you can install PulseChat Shopify app and make appropriate settings

How to Create Chatbot for your website

  • Open the dashboard of the PulseChat app
  • Create a new Chatbot
  • Name it and personalize its identity.
  • Customize its appearance, including color schemes and settings, to make it more attractive and aligned with your brand.

How to test the response of AI Chatbot

  • Send random messages to test the AI chatbot’s responsiveness.
  • Verify the responses generated by PulseChat to ensure accuracy.
  • Enable the chatbot by toggling the “Enable” button to integrate PulseChat Chatbot into your Shopify store seamlessly.

Functionality Testing:

  • Once installed, the chatbot gains access to real-time information from your store.
  • PulseChat’s innovative approach ensures that it doesn’t store any pre-installed data in its database.
  • Each response is dynamically generated using the latest store information, ensuring relevance and accuracy.
  • The Shopify Admin API is used to collect data and ChatGPT-4 API is used to create responses for customer queries related to orders, products, collections, and order tracking.
  • Access all responses within the app dashboard for comprehensive review.
  • Analyze each response individually to gauge effectiveness and accuracy.
  • Personalize responses by editing them directly within the dashboard.
  • Train the chatbot based on edited responses to improve future interactions.
How to test the response of AI Chatbot

PulseChat AI vs. Top Shopify Chatbot Competitors

Here are the top-7 AI ChatBots competitors to PulseChat. 

  1. Ochatbot Generative AI Chatbot
  2. Rep AI: ChatGPT Sales Chatbot
  3. Manifest AI Chatbot & AI Quiz
  4. ZipChat Proactive AI Chatbot
  5. Chatty: Livechat Helpdesk, FAQ
  6. Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots
  7. SmartBot‑AI Chatbot

While many competitors offer general chat functionalities, PulseChat AI emphasizes sales and conversion through targeted messaging, product recommendations, and upsells.

Comparison of PulseChat With 7 Best AI SalesBots

FeaturePulseChat AIOchatbotRep AIManifest AIZipChatChattyTidioSmartBot
FocusSales & ConversionsGeneralSalesLead Gen & SupportProactive OutreachLive Chat & FAQLive Chat & AIGeneral
AI TechnologyAdvancedBasicAdvancedBasicModerateBasicModerateBasic
Data & AnalyticsStrongLimitedModerateLimitedModerateLimitedModerateLimited
Ease of UseEasyEasyModerateModerateEasyEasyEasyModerate
Shopify IntegrationSeamlessEasyModerateEasyEasyEasyEasyEasy

How AI-Powered Shopping Assistant-PulseChat is Developed? 

Every new idea comes with new challenges. During the development of the free AI assistant, Pulse Chat, Swishtag encountered a few challenges that required innovative solutions.

We have the best Shopify developers and AI experts who integrated the complex capabilities of ChatGPT-4 into a Shopify app to increase average order value (AOV). 

Since the Pulse chat, the ultimate AI assistant, relies on the the descriptive commands of customers, We had the challenge to fine-tune the algorithms to accurately interpret customer queries, provide relevant product recommendations from the store inventory, and offer personalized responses in real-time. 

Additionally, integrating the chatbot into any Shopify store while optimizing it to handle 100+ languages posed a technical challenge.

Our top web developer team persisted, refined the AI algorithms, and enhanced the integration process of Shopify apps to deliver a reliable and efficient customized solution in the form of a public Shopify app

Using Shopify Admin APIs, and ChatGPT-4 API, PulseChat generates responses of the queries without fetching any pre-installed store information. It acts as a Live support agent with the latest data, all happening in runtime.

Struggling with Shopify Apps? We Can Help!

If you own a Shopify store and need help with something that regular apps can’t fix, reach out to Swishtag

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is PulseChat AI SalesBot for Shopify?

PulseChat is an AI chatbot developed by Swishtag specifically for Shopify stores. Powered by ChatGPT-4, it aims to enhance customer experience, drive sales, and streamline operations for e-commerce businesses. The chatbot provides 24/7 customer support, offers product recommendations, assists with order tracking, and operates in over 100 languages.

2. How does PulseChat AI SalesBot improve sales and conversions?

PulseChat assists customers throughout their purchase journey by providing real-time responses to queries, offering product recommendations based on customer interests, and facilitating order tracking seamlessly. By replacing human customer support services with its AI capabilities, PulseChat aims to increase the average order value (AOV) for Shopify merchants.

3. What are the key features of PulseChat AI SalesBot?

PulseChat offers several key features, including being powered by ChatGPT-4, replacing human customer service, providing product recommendations, assisting with order tracking, operating 24/7 in over 100 languages, offering personalized responses, allowing customization of response tone, seamless integration with Shopify stores, and tracking all customer conversations in a dashboard.

4. How does PulseChat AI SalesBot compare to its competitors?

PulseChat stands out among its competitors by focusing on sales and conversions through targeted messaging, personalized product recommendations, and upselling strategies. Compared to other AI chatbots, PulseChat offers advanced AI technology, high personalization, strong data analytics, ease of use, and seamless Shopify integration.

5. How was PulseChat AI SalesBot developed, and what were the challenges faced?

The development of PulseChat involved integrating the capabilities of ChatGPT-4 into a Shopify app to increase average order value. Challenges included fine-tuning algorithms to accurately interpret customer queries, providing relevant product recommendations, and optimizing the chatbot to handle multiple languages. Swishtag’s team of developers and AI experts overcome these challenges to deliver a reliable and efficient solution.

Final Words

In conclusion, PulseChat AI SalesBot offers a powerful solution for Shopify merchants seeking to enhance their customer experience and drive sales. With its advanced AI technology, personalized responses, and seamless integration, PulseChat stands out as a valuable asset for e-commerce businesses. 

By providing real-time support, product recommendations, and order tracking assistance, PulseChat aims to boost average order value and improve overall operations.