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PUSH POP Notification APP for Shopify Build By Swishtag

By May 24, 2024Projects5 min read

In 2024, standing out and capturing the attention of your potential customers will be more challenging than ever. As a store owner, you would be constantly seeking ways to engage with your audience effectively. 

Push Notifications Apps for Shopify have become essential tools for online store owners who are looking to drive more conversions. 

The PushPOp Notification builder app provides a seamless solution to enhance your customer relationship through the strategic use of web push notifications

Let’s explore the best push notification app and how these push alerts can transform your business and drive unparalleled growth.

PUSH POP Notification APP

Why Do Push Notifications Matter?

Generally, push notifications are real-time messages that are sent directly to a user’s device. These notifications are incredibly effective for engaging your customers. 

With personalized notifications, you can capture your audience’s attention and compel them to take action, whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or participating in a promotion. 

What is Push POP Notification Builder? – Best Push notifications Apps For 2024

Push POP Notification Builder is an app for Shopify stores that helps you send push notifications to customers without disrupting their shopping experience.

It boosts sales by creating multiple campaigns for important announcements,  promoting products and offers, capturing sign-up emails without annoying pop-ups, and creating urgency with countdown alerts. 

PushPop app is easy to install and customize and allows owners to create targeted messages that appear on the bottom right of the customer’s screen that drive more engagement and boost sales.

Key Features of PUSH POP APP – Push Notification Software

  • 1-Click Install: Get up and running in no time with a seamless installation process.
  • Fully Customizable: Adapt notifications to fit your theme and branding with ease.
  • Boost Sales: Promote matching products, upsells, and offers to drive revenue.
  • Grow Your Email List: Capture emails without intrusive pop-ups, improving loyalty and retention.
  • Create Urgency: Incorporate countdown timers to drive urgency and increase conversions.
  • Advanced Targeting: Display notifications only when and where you want, with advanced targeting options.
  • Detailed Analytics: Track campaign performance with comprehensive analytics tools.

How Web Notification Builder App Works

How do I add push notifications to Shopify? The process of creating and managing notification campaigns with the PUSH POP Notification Builder App is simple and intuitive.

How do I add push notifications to Shopify

Once the app is  installed, you’ll be greeted with a user-friendly dashboard where you can access all the app’s features and notification types.

Types of Alerts PUSH POP Offers

  1. Announcement Notification
  2. Countdown Timer Notifications 
  3. Sign-Up Notification Campaign
  4. SignUp countdown Notification
Types of Web Alerts PUSH POP Offers

Announcement Notification

This campaign type lets you inform customers about important messages, such as sales or promotions. These notifications appear as pop-ups on the bottom right of the screen, ensuring visibility without being intrusive.

Countdown Timer Notifications

You can create a sense of urgency with countdown timers. This is perfect for announcing sales or deals that are ending soon so that you can motivate your customers to take immediate action.

create urgency with countdown timer notifications

Sign-Up Notification Campaign

Push POP is the best Shopify app to collect emails, as you can capture customer emails by prompting them to sign up for newsletters or promotions. The emails, collected are automatically saved and can be integrated with platforms like Mailchimp or Klaviyo for further marketing efforts.

You can run several announcement campaigns simultaneously, all will be displayed as pop-ups on the bottom right of the screen.

Push POP is the best Shopify app to collect emails

How to Set up Notifications on Shopify Using Push POP? Detailed Video Tutorial

Start by customizing your campaigns to suit your specific marketing objectives. 

You can customize the campaigns according to your needs. You can set campaign headings, subheadings, and the message you want to deliver. You have multiple style options to choose from and can set colors according to your branding.

How to Set up Notifications on Shopify

You can also add a CTA button if needed in the campaign to redirect the customer to a specific web page. 

You can make your campaign more attractive and engaging by adding images as you have complete control over every aspect of your notifications.

Target Your Audience

Next, target your campaigns to specific audiences based on their preferences. For example, you can target the users who are searching for “Shoes” in your store. You can customize your push notification if you have a special message related to shoes like sale or discount. 

By delivering relevant messages to the right people at the right time, you can maximize engagement and drive conversions.

upsell and cross-sell products

Monitor Your Performance

As your campaigns run, monitor their performance closely using the app’s advanced analytics tools. 

The app provides you key metrics such as click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and revenue generated to gauge the effectiveness of your alerts and so that you can make data-driven optimizations.

Iterate and Improve

Based on the insights gathered from the analytics, iterate on your campaigns and make improvements as needed. 

Test different messaging, visuals, and targeting strategies to continuously refine your approach and achieve better results over time.

essential tools for online store owners

Who built the PUSHPOP Shopify App for Push Notifications?

The PUSH POP Notification Builder Shopify app is created by Swishtag. Swishtag is a company that builds tools specifically to help e-commerce businesses that run online stores on Shopify.  

It specializes in creating custom features and apps to make e-commerce stores even better. So now,

  1. Say goodbye to recurring payments headaches. If you’re tired of dealing with recurring payments for your Shopify apps, let us build you an app with a one-time payment solution.
  2. Don’t settle for limited customization in public apps. Let us create a tailored app for your business with unlimited customization options.
  3. Want to launch your own Shopify app business? or looking to create your own SAAS product, we are here to help you succeed.   
  4. We will get your Shopify app published on the Shopify app store because most people struggle to get their app listed on the app store due to its strict criteria   
  5. Our motto is simple: you just focus on growing your business, while we handle all the technical details.   
  6. We’ll never leave you in the dark. We provide maintenance and ongoing support to ensure your app runs smoothly.

Final Words

In short, effective customer engagement is key to success. With the best Push Notifications Apps for Shopify, like PUSH POP, you can supercharge your sales, improve customer loyalty, and take your business to new heights. 

If you have a new idea for product upsell or cross sell, contact us now