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Now Integrate Amazon Prime with Shopify Using “Buy with Prime” App

By September 6, 2023Blog5 min read
Shopify buy with prime
Integrate Shopify buy with prime Amazon

Big news! Shopify just got way more valuable. Shopify’s Market Value Skyrockets by $8 Billion (A Whopping 10% Surge)! And the reason behind this surge is a major deal with Amazon.

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, where every click and conversion matter, Shopify recently made waves with its groundbreaking Amazon Prime integration app, “Buy with Prime.”

The deal between Amazon and Shopify is nothing short of a breakthrough in the e-commerce industry.

This integration between Shopify and Amazon‘s Prime membership program holds immense potential for both merchants and shoppers; hence, it is a game-changer for online shopping.

What is Amazon Prime?

Before delving into the details of the “Buy with Prime” app’s integration with Shopify, let’s first understand what Amazon Prime is. 

Amazon Prime is a subscription service offered by, and it’s much more than just fast shipping. 

Prime members enjoy a plethora of benefits, including free two-day shipping on eligible items, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows on Prime Video, access to Amazon’s music library through Prime Music, and much more. 

It’s a comprehensive package designed to enhance the overall shopping and entertainment experience.

Amazon Prime’s Distinctive  Features

Amazon Prime boasts an impressive array of features, making it one of the most sought-after memberships in the online retail world. Some key features include:

  1. Free Two-Day Shipping: Prime members can enjoy lightning-fast delivery on eligible items, ensuring that their purchases reach them in record time.
  2. Prime Video: Unlimited access to a vast library of movies and TV shows, allowing members to stream their favorite content seamlessly.
  3. Prime Music: A music lover’s paradise, Prime Music offers unlimited listening to a wide selection of songs and playlists.
  4. Prime Reading: For bookworms, Prime Reading provides access to numerous books and magazines, all at their fingertips.
  5. Amazon Photos: Store an unlimited number of photos securely with Prime, eliminating the need to worry about storage space.
  6. Early Access to Deals: Get a head start on the best deals with early access to Amazon’s Lightning Deals.
  7. Discounts: Prime members can enjoy exclusive discounts on select items, saving them even more money.

How to Add “Buy with Prime” button to Your Shopify Store

Adding the “Buy with Prime” feature to your Shopify store is a straightforward process.

Shopify merchants in the United States can tap into Amazon’s vast customer base and offer Prime members fast, free delivery and easy returns on their eligible products.

Here are the steps: how to integrate Amazon Prime with Shopify, the game-changing feature

  1. Install the Buy with Prime App: Start by installing the “Buy with Prime” app from the Shopify App Store. This app serves as your gateway to connecting with Prime members.
  2. Connect Your Amazon Seller Central Account: To enable “Buy with Prime,” establish a connection between your Shopify store and your Amazon Seller Central account or Multi-Channel Fulfillment account (MCF)
  3. This linkage ensures that the benefits of Amazon Prime seamlessly extend to your customers.
  4. Map Your Products to Amazon SKUs: Ensure a smooth shopping experience by mapping your products to their corresponding Amazon SKUs.
  5. Activate the “Buy with Prime” Button: Once the setup is complete, activate the “Buy with Prime” button. 

It will now appear on the product detail pages of eligible products.

Amazon prime members

How Does Shopify Work With Amazon’s “Buy With Prime”?

The synergy between Shopify and Amazon’s “Buy with Prime” feature is a win-win situation for both merchants and shoppers. 

The newly launched app “Buy with Prime” simplifies the shopping experience for Amazon Prime members, enabling them to make purchases directly from participating online stores while enjoying the same swift, cost-free delivery, and hassle-free returns synonymous with 

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how Buy with Prime operates:

  1. A Prime member visits a participating merchant’s website and selects an item for purchase.
  2. If the item qualifies for “Buy with Prime”, the Prime member will spot a “Buy with Prime” button on the product page.
  3. Clicking the “Buy with Prime” button redirects the Prime member to a checkout page where they can utilize their Amazon account details to finalize the purchase.
  4. Amazon promptly ships the order to the Prime member’s address, employing its expedited, no-cost shipping service.

Who Can Take Benefits?

The Shopify and Amazon “Buy with Prime” integration isn’t limited to a single group; it benefits a wide range of people:

Shopify Merchants

For merchants using Shopify, this integration is a game-changer. It allows them to offer Prime members fast, free delivery and easy returns, boosting sales, improving the customer experience, and expanding their audience.

Prime Members

Prime members gain access to a wider selection of products from Shopify merchants. They can conveniently use their Amazon account information to complete purchases and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with fast, free delivery and easy returns.


Even Amazon stands to benefit from this integration. It drives more traffic to their platform, increases sales, attracts new customers, and retains existing ones.


General consumers looking for specific products can leverage this integration to find what they need from Shopify merchants who offer fast, free delivery and easy returns. It saves them time and money.

FAQs about Shopify Amazon Buy with Prime

How do I add a “Buy with Prime” button on Shopify?

Adding the button involves installing the “Buy with Prime” app, connecting your Amazon Seller Central account, mapping your products, and activating the button.

Can I add products from Amazon to my Shopify store?

While the “Buy with Prime” feature focuses on offering Amazon Prime benefits to your customers, you can explore other methods for integrating Amazon products into your Shopify store.

Can I add Amazon as a sales channel to Shopify?

Currently, Shopify offers an integration that allows you to sell on Amazon as a sales channel. This is separate from the “Buy with Prime” feature.

How do I use Amazon Prime when shopping?

As a Prime member, simply click the “Buy with Prime” button on eligible products to enjoy fast, free delivery and easy returns.

Final Words

In conclusion, the “Shopify Buy with Prime” integration is a significant breakthrough in the ecommerce industry. It bridges the gap between Shopify merchants and Amazon Prime members, creating a seamless shopping experience for both.

The ability to offer fast, free delivery and easy returns unlocks a world of possibilities for merchants, while Prime members gain access to a broader selection of products.