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7 Best Shopify apps to increase sales and conversions in 2024

By September 25, 2023November 21st, 2023Blog7 min read
best Shopify apps to increase sales

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, one metric holds the key to a merchant’s success – conversion rate. It’s the magic number that tells you how many visitors to your Shopify store turn into paying customers. 

Do you know what the average Shopify conversion rate is? According to Shopify Analytics, on average, a healthy conversion rate hovers around 1.4%, meaning that for every 100 customers, only 1.4 are likely to purchase from your store. Is it good for you? Really? What if there were ways to supersize this number and make your online business thrive? 

That’s where the right Shopify apps come into play.

We’ll explore in detail what are the best Shopify apps to increase sales and how to increase Shopify conversion rates. The best Shopify apps you must use in 2023–2024 that can help you increase sales and conversions, turning your online store into a revenue-generating powerhouse

Why Using the Right Shopify Apps Can Skyrocket Your Store Sales

Your Shopify store is like a well-oiled machine, and each app is a crucial cog in that machinery. The right apps can significantly impact your store’s performance, taking it from average to exceptional. Basically, Shopify Apps adds additional functionality to your store that improves its design, usability, and performance. But now, let’s dive into the factors that affect your conversion rate.

What Factors Affect the Conversion Rate of Your Store?

Several factors come into play, including website design, product quality, pricing, and customer trust. But one often overlooked aspect is the tools and apps you use to engage and convert potential buyers. 

Upon analyzing critically, several elements are found to be equally important in calculating the conversion rate of any e-commerce store. And these factors are:

  1. User Experience: A seamless and user-friendly shopping experience is paramount. 3rd party Apps that enhance site navigation and usability can reduce bounce rates of your product page and improve conversions.
  2. Trust and Social Proof: Customers trust other customers. Apps that showcase product reviews and ratings can instill confidence in potential buyers.
  3. Marketing and Promotion: Effective marketing, including SMS, email, and pop-up campaigns, can target and engage potential customers at various stages of their buying journey.
  4. Pricing Strategies: Apps that offer volume discounts and special pricing can incentivize customers to buy more, increasing the average order value.
  5. Loyalty and Rewards: Building customer loyalty through rewards programs and referral incentives can lead to repeat purchases and higher conversions.
  6. Analytics and Optimization: Data-driven decisions are essential. Apps that provide in-depth analytics can help identify areas for improvement.

Now, move towards the top 11 most successful Shopify apps that align with these factors and are poised to revolutionize your online store in 2024.

The 11 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales – Increase your Conversion Rate

1. Loox Product Reviews and Photos

When shoppers visit your store, they want to know that others have had positive experiences. Loox Product Reviews & Photos enables you to showcase authentic reviews and photos from satisfied customers. This builds trust and social proof, two essential ingredients for boosting sales and conversions.

Key Features:

  • Collect and display customer reviews and photos.
  • Build trust and social proof.
  • Easy to integrate and set up.
loox product Reviews & Photos

2. Postscript: SMS Marketing

Reach customers effectively with automated SMS messages.

In a world inundated with emails, SMS marketing stands out. Postscript helps you reach your customers directly through text messages. You can automate messages for abandoned cart recovery, product recommendations, and more. With high open and click-through rates, this app is a game-changer for increasing conversions.

Key Features:

  • Send automated SMS messages.
  • Abandoned cart recovery.
  • High open and click-through rates.
Post script SMS Marketing

3. Care Cart: Sales Pop up, Social Proof, Stock Countdown Timer, FOMO

Create urgency and boost conversions with various conversion optimization features.

Care Cart is a Swiss Army knife for conversion optimization. It offers you a diverse array of features, including pop-ups, social proof notifications, stock countdown timers, and FOMO marketing campaigns. These tools create a sense of urgency and encourage your customers to complete their purchases as soon as possible, effectively increasing your conversion rates.

Key Features:

  • Variety of conversion optimization tools.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Easy customization.
Sales Pop up Conversion Pro

4. Shopacado: Volume & Discounted Pricing

Incentivize larger purchases with volume discounts.

Want customers to buy more? Shopacado most successful shopify appsis your secret weapon for increasing sales and encouraging customers to buy more products. With this app, you can offer volume discounts, enticing customers to add more items to their carts. This not only boosts sales but also elevates your average order value by Increasing add to cart (ATC) rate.

Key Features:

  • Offer volume discounts.
  • Encourage larger purchases.
  • Simple setup and management
Shopcado - Volume Discounts

5. Privy: Pop Ups, Email, and SMS

Craft targeted marketing campaigns to boost sales and conversions.

Privy is a versatile marketing platform that empowers you to create customized campaigns. Whether it’s through pop-ups, email marketing, or SMS marketing, Privy enables you to engage with your audience effectively. You can tailor your marketing efforts to different customer segments, driving higher conversion rates.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive marketing tools.
  • Targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Easy customization.
Privy - Pop Ups Email & SMS

6. Exto: – Boost Store Sales

Harness AI-powered product recommendations to drive sales.

Exto’s is like having a personal shopping assistant for your customers. This AI-powered app analyzes customer behavior and suggests products they are most likely to buy. By showcasing tailored recommendations, you can significantly increase your sales and conversion rates.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered product recommendations
  • Personalized shopping experiences.
  • Easy integration.
Why Recom ai

7. Growave: Loyalty, Wishlist +3

Build customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases with versatile rewards programs.

Growave offers a suite of tools for enhancing customer loyalty. You can create various rewards programs, including points-based, tier-based, and referral programs. These initiatives not only boost sales but also foster long-term customer relationships.

Key Features:

  • Build customer loyalty.
  • Encourage repeat purchases.
  • Multiple reward programs.
Growave Loyalty & Wishlist

8. Conversific: Profit Analytics

Conversific is the best Shopify app for conversion, as it is a profit analytics app that tracks your profits and helps you identify areas for improvement. This data-driven approach allows you to make informed decisions and increase your bottom line.

Key Features:

  • Track profits and improvements.
  • Data-driven decision-making.
  • User-friendly analytics.
Conversific profit Analytics

9. Recart: FB Messenger Marketing

Recart leverages Facebook Messenger to reach customers where they already spend their time. You can send automated messages for abandoned cart recovery and product recommendations, leading to high engagement and conversion rates.

Key Features:

  • Reach customers on Facebook Messenger.
  • Automated messages.
  • High engagement rates.
Recart SMS Marketing & AI

10. Shopney: Mobile App Builder

Shopney empowers you to build a custom mobile app for your Shopify store. This enhances the shopping experience, making it easier for customers to purchase your products on mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Create a custom mobile app.
  • Improve the shopping experience.
  • Streamline mobile purchases.
Shopney Mobile App Builder

11. OptinMonster: Conversion Optimization

OptinMonster offers a range of conversion optimization tools, including popups, opt-in forms, and email marketing campaigns. These tools help you create irresistible offers that drive up sales and conversions.

Key Features:

  • Compelling offers.
  • Easy customization.
  • Conversion optimization tools
OptinMonster - Convert and Monetize website traffic

Conclusion: Best Shopify Apps for Growth in 2024

To increase the revenue of your Shopify store and become a successful entrepreneur, staying ahead of the curve is vital. If you are not getting conversions on shopify, try one of these 11 best Shopify apps to increase sales which is a secret weapon for your growth and are poised to take your online store’s sales to new heights in 2024. By focusing on user experience, trust-building, marketing, pricing, loyalty, and analytics, these apps cover all the bases necessary for increasing sales and conversions.

FAQs About Best Shopify Apps to Increase Customer Engagement

How do I get high sales on Shopify?

High sales on Shopify can be achieved through a combination of effective marketing, optimizing your website for conversions, providing top-notch customer service, and using the right Shopify apps to enhance various aspects of your store.

What is the app to increase Shopify store speed?

While not covered in this article, apps like “SpeedBoostr” and “Nitro Live Server” can help increase the speed of your Shopify store, improving the user experience and potentially boosting conversions.

Do apps slow down Shopify?

Some apps may slow down your Shopify store, especially if they are not well-optimized. It’s essential to choose reputable apps and regularly monitor their impact on your site’s performance.

How do I attract buyers on Shopify?

Attracting buyers on Shopify involves creating compelling product listings, implementing effective marketing strategies, offering competitive pricing, and providing a seamless shopping experience. Using apps like the ones mentioned in this article can also help attract and convert potential customers.