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What’s New in Shopify Updates for Developers & Partners in Summer ’23 Edition?

By August 30, 2023Blog, Shopify Updates5 min read
Shopify Updates for Developers

Shopify, the e-commerce giant, continues to innovate and evolve its platform to empower developers and partners. With the release of the Summer ’23 Edition, Shopify has introduced a host of new features and enhancements designed to make life easier for developers and improve the overall shopping experience for customers. In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting Shopify Updates for Developers and partners in Summer ’23.

Shopify Updates for Developers

To explore the Shopify Summer updates released in Summer Edition 2023 on July 27, 2023,

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Building Enhanced Checkout Experiences – An Interesting Features released in Shopify Updates for Developers

One of the key focuses of the Summer ’23 Edition is to help partners and developers build the best checkout experiences possible.

New Checkout Extensions

Shopify is renowned for its flexibility, and the new checkout extensions take this to the next level. These extensions allow developers to customize the checkout experience even further. 

Imagine creating an extension that enables customers to breeze through the checkout process with Apple Pay or Google Pay. These extensions are a game-changer for partners looking to offer unique and tailored checkout options to their customers.

Server-side Validations in Cart and Checkout

Cart and checkout errors can be a headache for both customers and store owners. With server-side validations, partners can now build and deploy custom apps that validate data on the server, ensuring that business rules are upheld. 

For instance, a custom app could validate a customer’s shipping address in real-time, preventing costly errors and ensuring a smooth, error-free checkout process.

One-Page Checkout

One-page checkouts have become increasingly popular for their ability to improve conversion rates. In Summer ’23, Shopify is simplifying the process for partners to create one-page checkouts. No more navigating through multiple pages; this streamlined approach ensures a more efficient and satisfying shopping experience for customers.

Accelerating Store Development with Hydrogen

New Hydrogen Components

Shopify recognizes the importance of dynamic and interactive web pages in today’s e-commerce landscape. That’s why they’ve introduced new Hydrogen components that are based on React

These components empower developers to create engaging elements like sliders, carousels, and accordions, enriching the user experience on Shopify stores.

Improved Hydrogen Documentation

Understanding and harnessing the power of Hydrogen is critical for developers. To make this easier, Shopify has revamped its Hydrogen documentation. The new documentation includes tutorials, examples, and API references, providing partners with the knowledge they need to leverage this framework effectively.

New Hydrogen Starter Stores

Starting a project from scratch can be daunting, but Shopify has you covered. They’re releasing new Hydrogen starter stores that come preloaded with essential Hydrogen components and codes. 

Whether you’re new to Hydrogen or a seasoned developer, these starter stores serve as a solid foundation to kickstart your next project.

Streamlining App Development

New Shopify App CLI

Developing and deploying Shopify apps has never been more straightforward, thanks to the new Shopify App CLI. This command-line interface simplifies essential tasks such as app creation, dependency management, and app building and deployment. Developers can now save precious time and effort by automating these processes.

Improved Shopify App Store

Shopify is continuously working to enhance the Shopify App Store. Partners will appreciate the improved search functionality and filtering options, making it easier to find and install apps that suit their needs. These improvements ensure that developers can quickly discover and integrate valuable apps into their projects.

New Shopify App Features

Shopify is not stopping at CLI improvements and App Store enhancements. They are also adding exciting new features to the Shopify App platform. Partners now have the ability to create custom app permissions, providing more control and flexibility in tailoring their apps to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, the integration of Shopify Functions into apps allows for even greater versatility in app development.

IV. Extending Functionality and Organization-Level Custom Apps

Extension-Only Apps

Shopify is now granting partners the power to build extension-only apps. These apps don’t reside on the Shopify admin but extend the functionality of Shopify stores. This is a boon for partners looking to create apps tailored to specific stores or customer needs.

Organization-Level Custom Apps

For partners working across multiple stores within an organization, the introduction of organization-level custom apps is a game-changer. These apps can be utilized by all stores within an organization, streamlining operations and reducing the need for redundant development and maintenance efforts.

V. Enhancements in Shopify Functions

New Shopify Functions Features

Shopify is boosting the capabilities of Shopify Functions. Developers can now harness GraphQL within Functions, providing more flexibility and power when building custom apps. This opens up exciting possibilities for creating feature-rich and dynamic applications.

Improved Shopify Functions Performance

Performance is paramount in the world of e-commerce. Shopify has listened to developers’ concerns and worked on enhancing the performance of Shopify Functions. Faster and more reliable Functions translate to better app performance, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers.

VI. Leveraging Shopify Flow Actions for Enhanced Customer Experience

New Shopify Flow Actions

Shopify understands that customer data is a goldmine for improving the shopping experience. With the introduction of new Shopify Flow actions, partners can collect and use return data intelligently. This data can be leveraged to send personalized emails, offer discounts on future purchases, and provide superior customer service.

Final Word: Shopify Updates for Developers

In conclusion, Shopify’s Summer ’23 Edition brings an array of exciting Shopify updates for developers. Whether you’re focused on enhancing the checkout experience, accelerating store development with Hydrogen, streamlining app development, extending functionality, or leveraging Shopify Flow actions, there’s something in this update to benefit you. 

These improvements reflect Shopify’s commitment to empowering developers and partners to create exceptional e-commerce experiences.

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