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What’s New in December- Episode 1

Shopify’s ecommerce solution offers entrepreneurs the tools they need to run an online store from anywhere in the world. With recent updates, Shopify is even better for small businesses to grow their business online. Here’s your weekly dose of Shopify updates, served up hot and fresh!

The governorates have been updated for Kuwait shipping zones.

Kuwait-based merchants can now add governorates to their shipping zones. Merchants in this region have the opportunity to provide more accurate address information at checkout, as well as set up more specific shipping zones for the different governorates. This way, they can be sure their products are getting shipped to the right places.

Shopify now permits combining and stacking multiple discount codes!

Shopify has always received requests from customers to be able to combine multiple discount codes. The problem was that customers couldn’t add another discount code on top of the one they entered during checkout. There were a few possible solutions, but none of them was ideal.

Luckily, this logic has been finally updated, and Shopify now allows multiple discount codes in the checkout to be stacked.  Despite a few limitations, there are plenty of reasons to keep going. Here are three of the most important ones:

  • One line item in an order can only have one discount applied, regardless of the discount code (manual or automatic).
  • Discounts that have enabled combinations can be combined together. For example, you can combine product discounts with shipping discounts or order discounts with shipping discounts.
  • You can use up to 5 different discount codes per order.

Discount Function-powered apps available in the Shopify App Store.

The Shopify App Store now supports apps that use the product or order discount Functions APIs. Function allows developers to add their own code to the Shopify backend.You can build popular discount promotions like volume discounts or free gift with purchase offers with the product and order discount Functions. Merchants can configure them in the Shopify Admin to allow for a more personalized experience. 

Stay tuned for more Shopify updates on this space. To build your Shopify store, contact Swish Tag.

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