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Shopify Updates- 17th to 22nd November      

Shopify is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that enables you to begin, thrive, and organize     a business. Plus, it enhances the online marketplace to benefit retailers, partners, and outside developers.

Like every week, this time around too, we have collected some cool, new Shopify updates for you.

Shopify Forms: Expand Your Marketing List for Free 

Never underestimate the value of each customer who visits your online store. You can’t pass up the chance to interact with potential customers in this digital age. Market competition is high, consumer attention is in short supply, and ads are pricey.

The feature to expand your marketing list for free helps you add tempting opt-in offers to turn your devoted followers into potential clients. Therefore, you can take advantage of Shopify Forms.

Shopify Forms is a free, configurable email capture app. By enticing customers with offers and discounts, you can gather their names and email addresses. You can tailor your form to your brand. Also, you can send out marketing emails automatically when it’s appropriate. 

Reengagement Automation Can Help You Capture More Sales 

Clients often visit your website, explore a few products, put anything into their cart, and then leave. Instead of giving up on that sale, you should use an automated email to recover it. 

Shopify sets a new email automation upgrade to their app. This update helps you recover revenue and turn store visitors into paying customers. 

Improve Your Search and Discovery Experience at Shopify 

At this precise moment, consumers are looking for what you’re selling. Statista reports that e-commerce websites get 5.6 billion visitors every month on average. Most visitors either use your store’s search to find what they need or utilize website suggestions to see what attracts them.

You may succeed in sales using efficient, effective search and discovery at Shopify. This trending Shopify update improves the search and discovery capabilities of Shopify merchants.  The New Search & Discover app of Shopify supports a better online experience. Consequently, it increases revenue and fosters client loyalty.

These are all the latest Shopify updates for this week. Keep reading our blog to learn about changes that affect the Shopify platform. 

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