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What’s New in NOVEMBER (2022)

Shopify Updates- 12th to 17th November

Shopify is a cutting-edge online marketplace made to accommodate brand’s commercial requirements. You’ll find crucial updates in this edition of What’s New at Shopify.

Let’s check out.

Custom and Standardized Product Categories for Sales Tax 

Now Shopify has a new Product Category field specified as Product Object. The Shopify Product Taxonomy Category specifies the products that fall within each group.

We’re added various fields, including:

  • The standardized Product Type 
  • The Custom Product Type 

Before, no platform functionalities were powered by the data on product categories. The category of the goods will now be utilized to determine the tax rate in the US. It will soon apply to the way goods are charged in other areas and markets as well.

Introducing Theme Support with the Most Recent Shopify CLI 3.20 Version.

Shopify CLI 3.20 provides a new authentication method in addition to the migration of theme commands. By enabling the use of theme commands you can carry out tasks like pushing, pulling, and publishing a theme.

The new Shopify CLI (version 3) should be used going forward as it offers a more streamlined theme development experience.

Unlocked Backend Logic by Shopify 

There are several technological problems to be solved in the e-commerce world. To help merchants prosper, It is important that the Shopify users provide them with their feedback, input and support.

To address the business requirements of any brand on Shopify, Shopify Functions was launched. It is a ground-breaking new way to expand and replace backend Shopify logic with custom code.

All Shopify Merchants have Access to Powerful Function Possibilities 

When brands on Shopify apply ‘Shopify Scripts’ discount, shipping, and payment method adjustments, their average order value rises by 20%. A brand that relies on scripts for customized functionality increases with brand success.

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates and changes to know What’s New at Shopify. We will feature all Shopify’s latest news and app development to you. For any help that you need in setting up your Shopify store, Swish Tag is here to assist you.

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